Italian Law no. 23 of 11 March 2014 introduced important changes relating to taxation, with a view to modernising the relationship between the Tax Authority and taxpayers and reducing instances of tax litigation.
At the heart of this reform is a desire to simplify and facilitate a relationship based on reciprocal cooperation and collaboration, in order to incentivise voluntary fulfilment of tax obligations and voluntary disclosure of taxable income.

In this new context, we support and help our customers fulfil all fiscal and tax compliance obligations, as well as corporate and accounting compliance obligations.

With regard to fiscal and tax compliance matters, we handle:
  • Preparation of income tax returns and other tax documents
  • Consultancy and support in dealings with Financial Administration bodies, including representation in court
  • Other compliance procedures involving the Revenue Agency
  • Electronic submission using Revenue Agency channels
Accounting and corporate compliance matters involve:
  • Bookkeeping
  • Annual and consolidated financial statements
  • Keeping company records, corporate compliance and domicile-related matters
  • Financial reporting
  • Dealings with the Register of Companies
  • Electronic filing of Chamber of Commerce and Municipal paperwork


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