2021 BUDGET LAW – LAW NO. 178 OF 30 DECEMBER 2020

In brief

Italian Law No. 178 of 30 December 2020 (2021 Budget Law) was published in Ordinary Supplement No. 46 to Italian Official Gazette No. 322 of 30 December 2020 and has been in force since 1 January 2021.

The main points include:

  • extension of tax deductions for the renovation of building stock and for energy efficiency improvements;
  • extension of the 110% “superbonus”, the “façades” bonus, the “green” bonus and the “furniture” bonus;
  • extension of the tax revaluation of land and equity investments in non-listed companies;
  • possibility of realigning the tax value of goodwill and of other intangible assets through payment of a substitute tax;
  • extension of the tax credit for investments in capital goods, research and development activities and investments made in Southern Italy;
  • reduction of the taxation of dividends for non-commercial entities;
  • introduction of amendments to the international ruling procedure.

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