In the new issue of CT&P Talks we tackle the subject of the metaverse. If Facebook has decided to invest in it, even going so far as to change its name to Meta, there must certainly be opportunities and advantages, as well as risks which are worth identifying, including for professional services firms. 

The metaverse provides an opportunity to interact with customers in completely new ways, and much more besides.

The metaverse could represent a new way of doing business and a chance to reinvent everything: from the customer experience to the redefinition of processes.

We hear talk of the metaverse more and more frequently. The term has, in fact, become a part of our everyday vocabulary and our consciousness, although it encompasses many aspects and implications that are not entirely clear, starting from a precise definition of what the metaverse actually is. 

What is worth highlighting is that there are opportunities and benefits, as well as risks, which should be identified in order to establish the positive aspects of entering into this dimension.

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