We offer our clients – including Italian businesses, international groups and high net worth individuals – consultations on all tax-related issues, covering both direct and indirect taxation.
We place particular focus on planning, involving working with the client to draw up a tax strategy for the individual business or the corporate group as a whole.

We can provide consultations on more complex issues, and can support clients in pre-litigation and litigation situations, including representing clients before Tax Commissions at all stages and levels.

Our tax advisory services cover the following areas:
  • National and international tax regulations
  • National and international tax planning
  • Tax opinions
  • Tax litigation
  • Tax audits and check-ups
  • Tax due diligence
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Patent Box
  • Tax advisory in relation to foreign countries
  • Tax refunds for non-residents
  • Direct and indirect taxation support
  • Tax and general compliance
  • Tax representation
  • Management of group tax affairs (National and international consolidated returns [Consolidato Nazionale e Mondiale], Group VAT and Gruppo IVA [Italian Group VAT scheme])
  • Ruling Requests/Tax Rulings


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